The Melbourne Research Cloud offers free on-demand computing resources to researchers at the University of Melbourne (and affiliated institutions). It provides similar functionality to commercial cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Common use cases include data analysis and web hosting, but there are many other potential uses. In short, whenever your own personal computer isn't up to the job, the Research Cloud might be the solution.

It is managed by Research Platform Services.


The Melbourne Research Cloud comprises almost 20000 virtual cores, available across a range of instance sizes, and includes specialist resources such as GPUs. It is located within the University data centre.

Accessing the Cloud

The research cloud can be accessed using your staff or student University account. Note that login is managed by the Australian Access Federation through Nectar.

All staff and students have a small default project with 2 VCPUs, 8GB memory and a 6 month limit. You can access those resources through the Dashboard linked below.

If you need to request more of any resource - vCPUs, memory, disk space, instances - you will need to make an Allocation Request through the dashboard.

Research Cloud Dashboard

Getting Help

A brief tutorial is available to help you get started with the research cloud, as well as the FAQs and guides.

If you have technical questions, or would like to discuss your needs with us, you may request help or further hands on training here:

Request Help

Alternatively you may contact us at